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In honour of the impending doom that is Valentine's Day, have some poems about the end of the world.

Posted by tworabbits on 2006.02.07 at 12:39
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Neil Gaiman has posted some poetry about the end of the world. Much more to my taste than roses and chocolate.

And because zombies and aliens are such appropriate metaphors for love, it seemed apt to post Shane Koyczan's take on the subject.

Fallout man sits stranded in a hotel room
like the last remaining survivor
of a nuclear war

all of a sudden
the hotel staff
become a band of mutants
pounding on his door and yelling
"would you like us to make your bed"

he replies
"no thanks"
because he has seen the episodes
of bad science fiction sitcoms
where the triple headed multi armed monsters
try trickery to gain access
to a man's fallout shelter

he looks outside the window
and sees a man lugging his luggage
towards the hotel lobby
and finally realizes

"I am not the last man on earth"

stepping out of his fallout shelter
fallout man laughs a good morning
towards the young boy
who is shooting him
with a dollar store potato gun
because the woman
who is far away
the woman whose lips
will taste like home
after far too long on the road
the woman with a butterfly net for hair
who has caught all of the falling stars
that he has spent his life wishing on

she has kissed him

he is not the last man on earth

and still she has kissed him.

and the infamous

For The Woman Who Told Me To Fuck Off After I told Her She Was Beautiful

It doesn’t matter
that you are a horrible person

because you are the reason
that boys
dream of becoming astronauts
so they can
man the first mission to Pluto
and carve an ice sculpture
that resembles you
so that alien passers-by will know
that our planet
has its moments


the aliens will probably masturbate
while thinking of you
then launch an invasion
to capture you for their king
and when you tell him
to “fuck off”
earth will be destroyed

I… only want to write poems.

For maximum effect, read out loud.

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