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good morning sunshine

Posted by tworabbits on 2006.02.08 at 11:59
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Some nice poets, and nice websites, here and here.

This is a really really important article about Google Book Search. It's a speech by Mary Sue Coleman, the president at the University of Michigan, about how the project is valuable for libraries.


...We were digitizing books long before Google knocked on our door, and we will continue our preservation efforts long after our contract with Google ends. As one of our librarians says, “We believed in this forever.”


I cannot tell you how exhilarating – and how humbling – it is to know that this digital enterprise, with our university’s books, will provide that same joy of discovery for people everywhere, from Iowa to Indonesia.

Humbling is right.

Just a reminder: it would be great fun if you show up to see Shane and T.O.F.U. at the Sync on Friday. Details here. Mike just won the Individual World Poetry Slam. Come shake his hand.

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