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This is where you can find updates on Mother Press Media happenings, as well as posts from our authors.

Oh, you should read our submission call. Then you should answer our submission call. Cheers.


In our past lives many of us here at MPM were carnival barkers. We’d stand on empty crates in fields full of ramshackle tents and surrounded by the stench of an unwashed menagerie, we’d dazzle the townsfolk with promises of clairvoyance and lion taming.
Though the carnival has long since left town we feel it in us to raise our voices again. To speak loudly from this instantaneous, electronic apple crate…

We’re calling in submissions from artists, writers, magicians and ne’er-do-wells of every stripe. If you’re dangling from the edge of the frontier of experience then you’re the kind of person that we want to hear from.

Send us your writing, your art, your sounds.

We’re primarily focused on written & spoken word poetry but are sinking our fingers into graphic novels, and are quite prepared to be excited about any mind-blowing idea that you’d like to float in our direction.

Here’s some specs for you to try on:

* If it’s writing that you’ll be sending us – please have it typed. We don’t care by whom. And if you are laboring atop an Underwood please indicate this in your bio, as these submissions will be given top priority.

* If you’re sending us a cd full of sounds please ensure that it is clearly labeled and that it will play in the most average of average cd units.

* If you are sending us art please ensure that it is not ticking.

* Please include as much autobiographical information as you deem necessary.

* Please include a S.A.S.E. (self.addressed.stamped.envelope) to ensure the safe, although belated, return of your work.

Here’s the address:
Mother Press Media 
Attn: Editor 
5230 Marguerite St. 
Vancouver, B.C. 
V6M 3K2  Canada

Any and all electronic confabulation should occur at the following email address. Please note: Paste all writing into the body of your email since we don’t know how to open attachments and can’t even figure out how to download a pirated version of the proper software.


And please be aware of the cardinal rule of MPM:
If it’s long, keep it short. If it’s short, send it in.